Resilience in Action

Episode 2: Adaptability, ego, and scaling with Tim Banks

May 12, 2020 Amy Tobey, Blameless Episode 2
Resilience in Action
Episode 2: Adaptability, ego, and scaling with Tim Banks
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Resilience in Action is a podcast about all things resilience, from SRE to software engineering, to how it affects our personal lives, and more. Resilience in Action is hosted by Blameless Staff SRE Amy Tobey. Amy has been an SRE and DevOps practitioner since before those names existed. She cares deeply about her community of SREs and wants to take what she’s learned over the 20+ years of her career to help others. 

In our second episode, Amy chats with Tim Banks, a technical account manager at Mission who has held the title of database engineer, DevOps engineer, SRE, American National and Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, and professional chef during his career. In the podcast, Amy and Tim discuss:

  • The importance of adaptability and how that manifests in the roles of chef, martial artist, and engineer
  • How ego can cause teams to pivot too slowly
  • What organizations can do right now to help with scaling in the face of uncertainty
How pressure in the kitchen and IT can feel similar
The difference between a good and bad culture for communication
How regimented environments affect learning
Embracing the suck to achieve goals
Searching for the theoretical right answer vs the easy fix
How people are functioning with extreme pressure, fewer resources, and no playbook
Traits of successful organizations able to pivot during this crisis
How allowing others to help is key to success
How to prepare our organizations for the coming months